“Nothing limits achievement like small thinking, and nothing expands possibilities like unleashed thinking.”
– William Arthur Ward (quote)


You have had some great successes and some opportunities to learn and grow. The bottom line is you survived. We have to admit that we are better and stronger after going through the things that tried to make us bitter and weaker. You are a lot stronger than you think you are. I invite you to revisit your strategy, refuel, and retool for the new opportunities that lie before you in 2008!

For many of you, 2007 has been a year of phenomenal growth along with tremendous challenge. There is a link between challenge and change. It seems that the more we are challenged the more we have an opportunity to experience positive change. Weight lifters experience increased muscle strength and definition through resistance. Likewise, we ultimately become stronger and more mentally fit through the challenges we endure.

Some of you are launching a new business, negotiating a new contract, repositioning yourself for promotion, working on areas of personal growth, clarifying your personal, family or company vision. Proper mental focus can help bring into fruition the very things that you are expecting. Challenge yourself to expand your creative thinking in new ways. It will have a powerful effect on your life.

Not only will dormant dreams be demonstrated, but you may notice things transpiring quicker than before. Take a deep breath and think about what worked for you in the past year. Many positive doors and opportunities were opened for you. Several negative doors were closed. There are still doors of great opportunity that await. One thing that will aid in the process of growth is to keep moving along the direction of your desired goals. Refuse to let a setback keep you from making a dynamic comeback. If you failed, shake it off. The first thing a champion boxer does after he gets knocked down is bounce back up. He bounces back with more confidence than before because he knows every failure is an opportunity to begin again smarter. Having the mental focus of a champion athlete can lead to accelerated results in every area of your life and business.
As you develop a new mentality for your year I leave you with these Inspirational Keys:

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you, and you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

-James Allen (quote)

1. Begin at the end.
Use the vehicle of your mind and take a trip to the end of this year. Imagine every stage of your journey like a professional race car driver. What is your expected destination? Make your measured calculations. Map out what you believe will be the best path to get there and make course adjustments as necessary. Flexibility and agility of thought are key to winning your race as you negotiate “hair pin” turns and unexpected obstacles along the way. Strap yourself in and start the engine. You’re preparing for the winners circle.

2. Learn the lesson and forget the details.
Whatever happened to you in the past whether it be good or bad is done. That history chapter has been written. Extract the positive learning, delete any negative drama, and count it as experience for more effective action in the future. Elite golfers learn to play well from their missed shots not just their good shots. It is said that Tiger Woods gives himself 10 seconds to gripe over a poor shot and then he flushes the memory from his mind. He pours total focus into the next shot at hand void of any negativity. We should do the same.

3. Stop condemning yourself for past mistakes and simply make the adjustment that is needed.
So you made a mistake. You made a business or career move that you wish you had not. You said something to a friend or associate that you wish you could take back. Fix what you can, refuse to wallow in self-pity and move on in confidence. I have seen boxers get knocked down by a worthy opponent but I have never seen a boxer knock himself down. Let’s be like the smart boxer and not beat up on ourselves. Remember this, change strengthens and condemnation weakens.

4. Shoot, pass, or dribble.
Professional basketball players know that in the heat of a game you have to be decisive. There is no room for complaining or indecision, only decisive action. They can’t just hold the ball. They must make a decision to either pass to a teammate, try to score, or dribble to an optimal position. The ball is in your court. What will you do?

5. Quit spinning your wheels.
Sometimes we can be so committed to an ineffective process or procedure that we are like a car stuck in the snow. We just keep trying the same archaic, outdated activity with no results other than creating a deeper rut. We mash the accelerator and we are not getting any “traction” that moves us closer to our goal. If what you are doing is not getting you the results you desire than expand your thinking and try a different approach. Turn the steering wheel…shift gears…pump the brakes…call for help…do something different. Your message and mission may stay the same but you may need to alter your method or process to something more suitable to your present situation. A new perspective applied to a long-standing problem may be your key to gaining more ground.

6. Do your dance in advance.
When professional football players score a touchdown they often celebrate with an elaborate often choreographed display of emotion. They overcame the imposing defense, surpassed the odds, and achieved a goal. Why should it be any different for you? Success for you is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Reward yourself even for small victories. Since you are going to win anyway why not celebrate now? Go ahead and do your dance in advance for each step along the way!

Make this a tremendous year through proper focus, creative thinking, decisive action, and a champion’s mentality. Demonstration & acceleration are yours for the taking!

Manifest Your Destiny!
Craig L. Sanders


Have you hit a pothole on the highway to reaching your goal? Have you experienced a detour in your business, career, or personal life? Does your dream appear to be stuck in traffic? Well get ready to turn your setbacks into accelerated comebacks with Keys to Manifesting Your Destiny. Craig Sanders, “The Comeback Specialist”, gives inspiration and strategies on every page for opening doors of opportunity despite any challenges that may currently be in your way.


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